Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlock hairstyles if you do not know already is the kind that takes on a rope-look which usually assumes this state by not being combed or de-tangled and without any kind of brushing. Although, this Dreadlocks hairstyles originates from the ancient Hindu culture, it has become a popular hairstyle for a new look all over the world, America included. The best part about such dreadlock hairstyles is that once you get it done, they stay on for as long as you want and involve the least maintenance possible among all kinds of hairstyles.

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There are two ways by which you could acquire the dreadlocks hairstyles for your hair. The simpler but longer way of acquiring such a hairstyle is to go the natural way, of letting your hair go. All you have to do is keep your hair messed up, do not comb or brush it and tie as many knots as you can in the hair. Of course if you are not going to wash it at all it would eventually start to smell and itch, but either you rough it out to keep that look or you could mildly clean it. But this method surely takes longer.

You could also artificially create the dreadlocks hairstyle for yourself. You would need the special kind of dread wax that is required to acquire the dreadlocks hairstyle artificially. Besides this you would need a metal comb and some shampoo, also you will need to tie some knots so some rubber bands for that.

You will firstly need to wash your hair with the shampoo, but make sure that the shampoo that you use is of the residue free kind and not just any kind of shampoo. After your hair has dried completely, and you could use a hair dryer if you are in a hurry, you would have to start making those knots in your hair. Actually not knots, but you would have to use the rubber bands that you set aside some hair. That is, first make divisions in your hair of one into one inches each. These divisions of your hair should be held in place and together using the rubber bands.

After you have tied each section with a rubber band, back comb each of the section after you remove the rubber band. Once all the sections have been dealt with in this fashion, it will ensure that the dreadlocks hairstyles is taking shape because of the loops that are forming. However once you have backcombed the section that would not be the end of it, you would have to tie two rubber bands on the section again, tie one on the end of the section and the other at the root of the section to keep the whole section in place. Then you will have to carefully apply the dread wax that was meant for the dreadlocks hairstyles and then start rolling the hair of that section. The same process will have to be carried out for all the sections.

There is another easier way of creating the dreadlocks hairstyles for hair. For this too you will have to start by washing your hair with some residue free shampoo. After you have successfully dried your hair you will need a brush which has some soft bristles to brush your hair. However you will need to brush your hair with it or rather around your hair in a clockwise direction so that the hair strands start forming loops and dreadlocks start to appear. Once this happens, apply the dread wax to the dread locks that have formed and your dreadlocks hairstyle will be done.


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